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About is an on-line forum for critical writing about the theater. Published by the Hunter College Theater Department and edited by Jonathan Kalb, the journal welcomes reviews, essays, articles, interviews, dialogues, and polemics about any aspect of theater, past or present, with an emphasis on contemporary productions in New York City. aims to be the liveliest, most informed and informative venue for public discussion of theater. It was originally conceived as an antidote to apathy and as a response to the disappearance of print forums for serious theater criticism that could appear while the shows under discussion were still running. Since its founding in 2003, the site has expanded beyond its original brief, including critical writing on film, performance art, media-theater conjunctions and other live art in addition to traditional theater, as well as occasional original dramatic writing. It is a regular outlet for a broad community of talented writers ranging from veteran professionals to ambitious Hunter College students.

In most cases, we publish accepted contributions within a week. There is no predetermined length limit for submissions, as we recognize the shrinking space devoted to performing arts in print publications as a continuing evil. By the same token, our assumption that every article should determine its own length also means that we happily consider shorter pieces--provided their brevity clearly derives from critical choice, not glibness or facile partisanship.

A basic principle of is resistance to the ubiquitous blurring of the difference between objective commentary and public relations in our time. We hope to generate an atmosphere of vigorous expression and lively public debate while also maintaining a value for independent thinking. To this end, we are happy to publish multiple reviews of the same production and fervent responses to articles. We welcome responses by artists--playwrights, directors, performers, designers, and others--to the criticism about them that appears in our pages. Our intention is to foster dialogue where currently monologue and silence prevail.

New content for is posted as it becomes available, not on a fixed schedule, and past content is stored in our searchable archive.

Submissions to should be sent electronically using our submission form, which requires acceptance of our writer’s agreement. welcomes proposals for potential Web partnerships. Inquiries and editorial correspondence should be directed to



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